Simon’s Legal High Discount Vouchers

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This is where I collect all the discount vouchers, coupon codes and temporary offers of the legal high shops I personally buy from.

Currently there are not as many offers here as used to be because in the UK legal highs are currently being banned, I also cut my ties with legal high vendors from the UK (for now, if the legal landscape changes I will list them again).

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Legal high vouchers, promos

Sadly, there is only one right now. I will add more if there is any more promos by the vendors I shop at.

Exclusive, special coupon code! – Use the coupon code: SIMON10 for a 10% off on your next purchase at Shayanashop.



If you know of any great deals, please let us know in the comments below!

Last updated: 2015. 05. 08.

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Legal High Discount offers, Vouchers, Coupons Agrregator
This is where I collect all the best (and sometimes exclusive) legal high deals, coupons, vouchers I come across online.

27 thoughts on “Simon’s Legal High Discount Vouchers”

  1. I noticed the advertised website sells cannabis subs. Are they ok then from there?

  2. Hey there im looking for a code to herbalfire, kratora, and herb stomp

    1. Hi,
      No codes currently. Otherwise they would be on the page already. I recommend subscribing to the newsletter, I will send out an email as soon as they release new coupon codes.


  3. Lance Miller says:

    Shayana Shop says your coupon code “SIMON10” is invalid. Does it only work on certain products? I went there from the link on this page, below the code.

    1. Well, I hope not. They certainly did not notify me about it. I will talk to them and ask them what’s up.

      1. Hi simon used shanaya shop loads they are great and so is your website but tried to buy from them yesterday and the site is down completely? have they been shut down or something?

        1. Yes, I see. Thanks for letting me know. I have no idea what happened. I know the store manager, I will write him an email, probably they just doing something with the website, redesigning or some bugfixing. But I will write them an email just to be sure.

        2. The site is back online. They were just updating the website and it took longer than expected (Simon’s Legal Highs is down too from time-to-time for updates, but usually no longer than 15 minutes, usually an update requires 10-15 minutes max, they just had some issues during update).

    2. So, I did ask. They said it is still valid and you should try again. You may have mistyped it. It should work.

  4. Hy i am from europe can anybody tell me where to buy the salvia divinorum plant. Ive been to amsterdam and all over and i cant find it. Thank you

  5. Does Shayanashop ship with registered mail?
    Only “Standard Mail ” opition is availalbe during checkout.

  6. Thanks for taking the time to do all you do and thanks for the code for Shayana too

    1. Thx! 🙂 As soon as I have more I will add them here, sadly special legal high discount codes are very rare, so that’s why I have only one right now.

  7. Kyle Timmons says:

    Hey does shayanashop deliver to the united states?

  8. Hi simon, shaynan shop is it legit? People are saying its a scam, and I am sick of trying to find s well trusting site!

    1. Who says it’s a scam? And why? I’ve been their customer for 5-6 years. It as legit as it gets. I personally have only heard one complaint from one of my visitors, but thanks to my arbitration it was resolved. So, if you ever have any issue with them let me know I personally know the guy who runs the place (I know the other guy as well from the other shop I work with too, I basically only work with shops I personally use and/or people I personally know). I would be surprised if there was any kind of problem with them.

  9. Hi Simon,
    I’ve ordered the stuff for “the naturalist” and love it… i wanted to try “brick wall & first class” but can’t find the one ingredient… salvia divinorum… what can be subsituted?? or can Ya suggest where i can purchase??
    Thank You

    1. Yes, I know, they stopped selling Salvia, due to legal reasons. Temporarily I can not recommend any place, but I’m looking around. It’s annoying I know. Once I find I reliable, trusted supplier I will put it on the website instantly.

  10. Hi Simon,trying to find your contact page ? ,would like to add a voucher here for your readers.
    We no longer ship to the uk.

    1. Hi,

      Just post it here, in the comments section. Due to extreme amounts of automated SPAM I no longer have my email address on the website.

      If your voucher is really good I will add it to the website. Please don’t forget to mention duration and requirements as well. Thx!

  11. Nihilistie says:

    Any recommendations for sites that are in the U.S.?
    I REALLY don’t want to pay an arm and leg to ship here from the U.K., not to mention how long it can take for delivery.

    1. None of the stores are UK stores. All legal highs were banned in the UK for a year now, there are no legal high shops in the UK. One of the store is a US store and the other one is located in the NEtherlands.

  12. Thank u 4 ur time.
    4 sleeping, I’m thinking they’re in order of effectiveness?! If the K n K r @ top??… I’ll start w a tea thing.

    1. Valerian Root Oil Plz
      I think they only have powder.

  13. Hi any shops u can recommend in nz? Thinking mindfuel but don’t know if exists?

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