Simon’s Herbal Incense Guide

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Herbal incense (a.k.a herbal potpourri, legal incense, herbal smoke, synthetic cannabis etc…) is a name given to pre-packaged legal high mixtures, which are meant to be smoked.

Let me show you how to create safer, better, research chemical-free herbal incense for a fraction of the cost of brand name herbal incense.

Herbal incense facts

First of all let’s clear the air and see why you shouldn’t buy any brand name herbal incense.

The manufacturers and sellers of brand name herbal incense claim, that their products are:

  • natural
  • safe
  • contain no research chemicals


They are lying. All pre-packaged legal highs sold under the name “legal herbal incense”, “legal potpourri” or similar are low quality plants sprinkled with dangerous research chemicals (a.k.a designer drugs).

/This is actually true for all pre-packaged legal highs not just herbal incense./

There is nothing herbal about them and it’s not the plant that gets you high but the research chemical(s) added to it.

/Now you know why the list of ingredients of these herbal incense products is never public. As a thumb rule you should never buy anything if you don’t know what’s in it. It’s just common sense./

Nobody knows what’s exactly in them and nobody knows what kind effects these substances have.

Will it kill you? Will it not get you high at all? Will it get you high?

No one knows. One thing for sure: you are playing Russian roulette with your own life by taking them.

Some of them won’t even get you high ( and many of them will make you sick rather than high or will give you a very unpleasant high; a “bad trip”.


Why are they using dangerous research chemicals, when there are perfectly fine, legal, natural herbs, which have the same effect?


Money. These people care not for the well-being of their customers. They are lying trough their teeth and selling overpriced and potentially fatal research chemicals to unsuspecting victims.

They are using research chemicals instead of safer, natural herbs because it’s cheaper.

It’s much cheaper to import dangerous, untested research chemicals from an off-license lab from China -that’s where most designer drugs come from, they are made in China – , instead of using quality herbs to create a herbal incense, a true natural, legal high.


Let’s take a look at a random legal high.

Kush 11 gramms – sold for $ 53 
Actual cost to produce: $ 1 or less
Cost to produce using quality, natural, legal herbs: $ 10

As you can see, it is at least ten times more expensive to produce a quality herbal incense. And this is exactly why they don’t do it.

The herbal incense vendors are the worst kind of people and they care for nothing but to stuff their pockets with money as fast as possible.

Do they care about it if you die?
Are they interested in offering safer, natural alternatives?
Are they honest?
No /ingredients are never listed/, they lie routinely.

And to top it all of:

Herbal incense is massively overpriced

You can create your own for the fraction of the cost

So a quick recap. Here is why you shouldn’t be buying brand name herbal incense: 

  • overpriced
  • ingredients not listed
  • dangerous research chemicals
  • false advertisement

Instead you should create your own natural herbal incense for the fraction of the cost!

Let me show you how!

Create your own herbal incense

We are only going to use working, cheap, natural, research chemical-free, legal entheogens from Simon’s definitive legal highs guide.

As a thumb rule legal highs are best consumed as a tea and they should not be snorted under any circumstance.

However, many of them can actually be smoked. We are going to focus on the ones, which can be smoked.

I’m going to present to you three really potent herbal incense mixtures, which you can put together easily and will only cost you the fraction of brand name herbal incense mixtures.

Beware! These are really strong, especially the first one.

Update: (US Salvia & Kratom vendor) was removed and added to the legal high shop blacklist due to complaints of visitors and  – at least in one case – theft.  For details, check out the legal high shop blacklist.

Don’t order anything from, they will most probably rip you off!

/No US Salvia vendors included on the website right now.
Most US Salvia vendors are already blacklisted. I strongly advise you to order Salvia from a European shop. Nobody complained about them, they have good reviews and are much more reliable, than US Salvia vendors. /


Make your own herbal incense

Make your own herbal incense

Make your own herbal incense for the fraction of the cost of brand name herbal incense.

11 grams of Kush is sold for $ 53.

You can create the following legal incense mixtures much cheaper.

  • 11 grams of “Brick Wall” is $ 10.3 – very strong
  • 11 grams of  “The Naturalist” is $ 9.3 – good, cheap starter incense
  • 11 grams of “First Class” is $ 31.7   – premium, many ingredients, quality ingredients, very strong

They pack quite a punch, so be warned. They are just as potent – if not more – than brand name herbal incense and  they are all research chemical-free.

Let’s start!

Brick wall

So let’s recreate Kush (Kush 11 grams – sold for $ 53) for a fraction of the cost it is sold for.

The fantasy name “Brick wall” is not a coincidence. This will hit you like a ton of bricks. It will be like headbutting a brick wall.

You have been warned! This is really strong.

If you think herbal legal highs won’t get you extremely high, then you are in for quite the surprise with this one.

Brick wall ingredients

For this “recipe” we will need: 

  • Wild dagga (choice cuts:flowers)
    /3 grams, cost $ 1.3, you can buy it here: US, Netherlands, credit cards not accepted at the store in the Netherlands/
  • Indian warrior (dried buds)
    /3 grams, cost $ 3.2, you can buy it here: US, it’s not available in Europe/
  • Kanna (smoker’s cut)
    /6 grams, cost $ 3.8, you can buy it here: US, Netherlands, credit cards not accepted at the store in the Netherlands/
  • Salvia divinorum extract  – if Salvia is not available in your country use more of the other ingredients
    (20x) /0.1 gram, cost $ 2, you can buy it here

Total cost: $ 10.3
Yield: 11 grams of research chemical-free, potent, legal, natural herbal incense
Preparation time: 10 minutes


  • rolling paper (if you intend to roll a joint)
  • pipe
  • herbal vaporizer (was made exactly for this purpose, clean, efficient)
  • scale


  • herbal grinder (if you intend to create your own herbal incense mixtures you will find it very useful)

/If you are from the USA, make sure Salvia Divinorum is actually legal in your state. For information about Salvia Divinorum and legality, legal status check out it’s own separate page.

If you are from Europe you are in luck Salvia is legal within the EU./

Brick wall preparation

Start with washing your hands, we don’t want any dirt getting into the mixture.

Have a glass bowl ready (any see-trough bowl will do).

Start with the the Wild Dagga.

3 grams of Wild Dagga flowers will form the base of the mixture.

Add it to the bowl.

Take 3 grams of Indian Warrior dried buds.
Grind it with a herbal grinder (if you don’t have one you can try using your hands but for optimal results use a herbal grinder).

Grind it thoroughly if you are planning to roll a joint and less thoroughly if you are planning to use a pipe or a herbal vaporizer (herbal vaporizer is really good for this).

Add the ground up Indian Warrior buds to the mixture.
Mix it by hand.

Take 6 grams of Kanna (smoker’s cuts) (depending on where you have purchased it it might be already ground up but if it’s not pre-ground, grind it with a herbal grinder, grind it really thoroughly if you are planning to roll a joint ) and add it to the mixture.

Mix it vigorously by hand.

For the last and final part sprinkle a tiny bit of Salvia Divinorium  20x extract on the mixture. You will only need around 0.1-0.2 grams of it.

Shake the bowl till the Salvia extract is evenly spread out. Do not touch it with your hand anymore.

And it’s done.

Store it in a  airtight container and keep it in a cold, dry place.

For a total of $ 10.3 we have created 11 grams of herbal incense.
As a comparison: Kush 11 grams brand name herbal incense is sold for $ 53.

I was not kidding when I said it only costs a fraction of that (one-fifth to be exact).

What’s more: you know exactly what’s in the mixture and it’s research chemical-free, only natural, legal, psychoactive plants are used.

Make sure to use legal highs responsibly and safely.

The Naturalist

The naturalist is a good starter incense. It’s not overpowering (you can adjust the potency by replacing ingredients with extracts of the same plant).

The ingredient are readily available and legal in every country.
The preparation is also really simple and it’s really cheap.

The Naturalist ingredients

For this “recipe” we will need: 

  • Wild dagga (choice cuts:flowers)
    /3 grams, cost $ 1.3, you can buy it here: USNetherlands, credit cards not accepted at the store in the Netherlands/
  • Opium lettuce extract 15x /1 gram, cost $ 5 you can buy it here: US
  • Siberian motherwort
    /7 grams , cost $ 3, you can buy it here: US, not available in Europe but you can replace it with Skullcap, which you can buy here

Total cost: $ 9.3
Yield: 11 grams of research chemical-free, potent, legal, natural herbal incense
Preparation time: 3 minutes


  • rolling paper (if you intend to roll a joint)
  • pipe
  • herbal vaporizer (was made exactly for this purpose, clean, efficient)
  • scale


  • herbal grinder (if you intend to create your own herbal incense mixtures you will find it very useful)

The Naturalist preparation

Start with washing your hands, we don’t want any dirt getting into the mixture.

Have a glass bowl ready (any see-trough bowl will do).

It’s really simple to prepare.

Grind the Siberian motherwort and the wild dagga with a herbal grinder (grind it thoroughly if you are planning  to roll a joint and less thoroughly if you are using a pipe or herbal vaporizer).

Add them to the bowl.

Add the Opium lettuce extract to the mix and shake the bowl.

Shake the bowl till the Opium lettuce extract is evenly spread.

And it’s done.

Store it in a  airtight container and keep it in a cold, dry place.

For a total of $ 8.4 we have created 11 grams of herbal incense.
As a comparison: Kush 11 grams brand name herbal incense is sold for $ 53.

I was not kidding when I said it only costs a fraction of that (one-fifth to be exact).

What’s more: you know exactly what’s in the mixture and it’s research chemical-free, only natural, legal, psychoactive plants are used.

Make sure to use legal highs responsibly and safely.

First Class

“First Class” is my personal favorite herbal incense mixture.
It is a result of experimentation over a course of many months.

This mixture has the most ingredients, so you might need to shop around a bit.

This is the most expensive of the custom herbal incense mixtures.
However, it is still significantly cheaper, then brand name herbal incense.

First Class ingredients

For this “recipe” we will need: 

  • Wild daga extract 10x
    /3 grams, cost $ 12,  you can buy it here: USNetherlands, credit cards not accepted at the store in the Netherlands/
  • Opium lettuce extract 15x
    /3 grams, cost $ 15 you can buy it here: US/
  • Inebriating mint
    /5 grams, cost $ 2.7, you can buy it here: US, it’s not available in Europe/
  • Salvia divinorum extract /Salvia 20x /0.1 gram, cost $ 2, you can buy it here
    Total cost: $ 31.7
    Yield: 11 grams of research chemical-free, potent, legal, natural herbal incense
    Preparation time: 15 minutes


    • rolling paper (if you intend to roll a joint)
    • pipe
    • herbal vaporizer (was made exactly for this purpose, clean, efficient)
    • scale


    • herbal grinder (if you intend to create your own herbal incense mixtures you will find it very useful)

    /If you are from the USA, make sure Salvia Divinorum is actually legal in your state. For information about Salvia Divinorum and legality, legal status check out it’s own separate page.

    If you are from Europe you are in luck Salvia is legal within the EU./

First Class preparation

Start with washing your hands, we don’t want any dirt getting into the mixture.

Have a glass bowl ready (any see-trough bowl will do).

Start with the extracts. Inebrating mint needs to be the last added.

Take the Wild Dagga and Opium Lettuce extract – they are already pre-ground because they are extracts – and add them to the bowl.

Mix them together gently, by hand.

Sprinkle a tiny bit of Salvia Divinorium 20x extract. You will only need around 0.1-0.2 grams of it.

Shake the bowl till the Salvia extract is evenly spread. Do not touch it with your hand anymore at this point.

Store it in a  airtight container and keep it in a cold, dry place.

Inebriating Mint loses it’s potency and minty flavour very quickly if it’s ground up. You can grind up 5 grams of  Inebriating Mint and add it at this step but you will end up with a lower quality product.

Inebriating Mint needs to be added just before consumption, to your joint, pipe or herbal vaporizer.

Grind it fresh before consumption and add to the mixture before smoking for a minty taste and added potency.

For a total of $ 31.7 we have created 11 grams of herbal incense.
This herbal incense is guaranteed to be better than any brand name herbal incense on the market.

What’s more: you know exactly what’s in the mixture and it’s research chemical-free, only natural, legal, psychoactive plants are used.

Make sure to use legal highs responsibly and safely.

Final words

Smoking is a really bad habit. You are ingesting a lot of tar and it builds up in your lungs. It can cause all sorts of health problems.

If you can avoid smoking, then do it. You can brew a tea from the mixtures mentioned.

They work just as fine – you might need a bit more but it works as tea -.

These herbal incense mixtures – just like brand name herbal incense – have a really harsh tasting smoke /burnt rubber, soot, not pleasant/ it’s not like smoking marijuana at all. So be prepared, and don’t smoke indoors unless you want your apartment to smell like burnt leaves for a week.

I hope you found this useful. A like, tweet, +1 is always appreciated. 

If you would like me to upload more herbal incense mixtures just let me know in the comments below.

Don’t forget: these mixtures work for me and I like them the way they are but that doesn’t mean that you can’t change the “recipe” and customize according to your tastes and preferences.

Be safe, always!

Last updated: 2015 February 8

Disclaimer: The website contains affiliate links. If you click any of the links and make a purchase at the store I receive a small amount of your purchase.

This DOES NOT make your purchase more expensive. It won’t effect the price at all.

This income allows me to work more on the website, add to it  and improve on it.

I’m unemployed and beside the income from this website I have no other revenue source.
Thank you for your support! You are awesome! :)/

Legal disclaimer: Using legal highs, herbal incense is a personal decision. We can not be held liable for your decision and actions.

Make sure the ingredients are actually legal to buy and use in your country before you purchase anything.

We do not advocate anything illegal.  Make sure you read and learn about safe and responsible legal high use.

Simon's Definitive Herbal Incense Guide
Article Name
Simon's Definitive Herbal Incense Guide
Simon's herbal incense guide. everything you need to know about herbal Incense, herbal potpourri and herbal Smoke. Create your own research chemical-free herbal incense mixture for a fraction of the cost of brand name herbal incense.

113 thoughts on “Simon’s Herbal Incense Guide”

  1. Can you bey weed (marijuana, pot) online?

    1. Hello simon, i was looking at the brick wall recipe and looking up all the stuff for it its more then you say. So if i do invest in this blend to get it will it really get me that high that you say? Im tired of wasting money and will spend this if it really does what it does

    2. you can buy any drug on line,but you need to go to the deep web,dark web,it,s illegal,but some do it,using tor net work and such like, to buy you need to buy bit coin,have a wallet,to pay for it and you need a safe form of communication,their are a few sites out there if you know where to look,

    3. Jose Peixoto says:

      I have a BIG question; i hate beer/alcohol; after the high comes a LOW which i detest; even though i may be thristy i sometimes drink water because of that; because of the following low, as if i am sick; is it the same w/drugs?(I never tried any); if so ,in the balance of things,would it not be better not to do any drugs? honest question,I support the liberty of each person´s brain commands(well,I guess not all of them…

  2. whisper john says:

    Are these anything like synthetic cannabis?
    thx for the answer

    1. “Synthetic marijuana” is just another name for the research chemicals in herbal incense. It goes by many names : herbal incense, synthetic cannabis, designer drugs, herbal potpourri etc…

      The entheogens listed – the ingredients of the do-it-yourself herbal incense mixtures – are actually better than synthetic cannabis.

      The herbal incense mixtures here contain no dangerous research chemicals, are safer, you know exactly what’s in them and most importantly: they are MUCH cheaper.

      I hope this answers your question,

  3. Someone Who Might Be Me says:

    Hi Simon!

    I appreciate your reviews you have on your site and all the great information!

    How do these herbal incense’s compare to actual salvia? I realize that in most cases it’s about .1-.2 grams per 11 grams so its a small percentage. Though it is a 20X extract. I’ve never experimented with Salvia before, and I’ve heard (for some) it can be a scary experience.

    I’ve only ever experimented with marijuana, kratom, alcohol, and kava kava.

    Are these recipes more of a relaxing sort of high similar to marijuana or a few beers? Or is it more like what you would get from smoking salvia on its own?

    Also, I own a vaporizer. I’ve read when smoking salvia you really need to scorch it with a lighter. Would these recipes even work in a vaporizer?

    Thanks again!

    1. It’s Salvia extract and yes it would work with a vaporizer as long:

      To vaporize Salvia divinorum’s active ingredient, Salvinorin A, it requires a temperature of approximately 240°C/464°F

      So if your vaporizer is capable of that temperature, then it will be fine. If not just use more traditional methods.
      Salvia is really strong, that’s why the small amount.

      Are these recipes more of a relaxing sort of high similar to marijuana or a few beers?

      The “Brick wall” is a really strong mixture. I would describe it like this: First the Salvia -even this little, the extract is very strong – will hit you, then the other ingredients will transform it into a mellow marijuana like high.

      “The Naturalist” is a much lighter mixture, slight buzz equivalent of 3 beers, relaxing, sedative. If you are experienced you might not even feel much from it (in that case substitute ingredients with extracts).

      “The First Class” is interesting. It starts out with a heady Salvia high, then turns into a strongly sedative, marijuana like type of high and the mint gives it some nice minty flavour (make sure it’s freshly ground before use!).

      If you don’t like the Salvia you can substitute it with Kanna extract -marijuana synergist with similar effects – or Opium lettuce extract -horrible to smoke – which as the name suggest has sedative, opium-like effects. /I have to admit I never tried opium lettuce in herbal vaporizer so I’m not sure about that one but it seemed to work in a pipe, you might want to research it online/

      I hope this helps.

      If you want more info you can find more info of each ingredient at my list of legal highs
      I would appreciate – and I’m sure the other visitors too -if you would share your experiences if you decide to use any of the mixtures listed.They worked for me but I’m curious of other people’s experiences.
      Beware the smoke is quite harsh!

      Be safe, always. Make sure the ingredients are legal in your country before ordering
      Safe and responsible legal high use

      1. Someone Who Might Be Me says:

        Thanks for the quick reply! That cleared a lot up! I’ll have to try making these when I get a chance! 🙂

      2. How would you smoke the mixture out of a vaporizer? How do you convert the leafy substance to liquid form? Please explain.

      3. Hello ..I have tried I actually have some now .. called funky green stuff .. its 100% all natural , but it doesn’t get me high like the chemical induced herbal incense , not even close .. and these products you have listed here are all natural also , do they really get you high ? without any cannaboid chemicals added ? and price wise I pay for the strong stuff like bizarro and dead man walking about 19 dollars for 10 grams .I love the herbal incense if it wasn’t for the chemical scare I would take this over weed any day . I find it very hard to believe leaves alone will do the trick unless its actual THC induced .. Thanks

  4. Hi Simon,..for your Brickwall mixtures…can u suggest me any others herb that can substitute the indian warrior..thank you…

    1. Siberian motherwort, but that’s also only available in the US….
      I guess that won’t do.

      You can either use Skullcap or more Wild Dagga, which is available at the same place.

      Skullcap has only mild effects so if you substitute Indian Warrior with Skullcap the potency of the whole mixture will decrease somewhat.
      I hope this helps

  5. Thank you simon 4 you quick reply….here a list of herbs that i’ve got..all in form of 100x extract…1. wild lettuce – 1gram, 2. blue lotus – 1 gram, 3. kanna – 1 gram, 4. klip dagga – 1 gram. 5. siberian motherwort ( leonurus sibricus) – 1 gram,…can u please give your opinion on these herbs how to mix and synergize em…..

    1. First of all: make sure you don’t smoke the blue lotus!

      It’s ineffective, when smoked. Also blue lotus only works in tincture form or if you soak extracts or petals in alcohol.

      I would just make a tea out of every one of them
      (except blue lotus, blue lotus is good as lotus wine: strong red wine + blue lotus petals and extract, let it sit for a day, consume).

      But if you insist on smoking:

      klip dagga
      wild lettuce
      siberian motherwort


      klip daga
      siberian motherwort

      The former is the stronger version.

      I don’t like mixing wild lettuce with kanna.
      I hope this helps.

  6. HI simon… your opinion….can i mix kanna tinture + indian warrior tinture…then soak herbal smoke blend into the mixture…
    will it increase the potency of the smoking blend….if so…how long shall i soak the blend….??

    1. What is “herbal smoke blend” ? What do you mean by that?

      What kind of “smoking blend” ?

      Honestly I don’t know anything about Indian warrior tincture, never used it , never even heard about it, never knew such thing even existed.

      Kanna tincture: I don’t know anything about that either. Never heard of it, never used it. I’m sorry.

      I’m sorry I can not give you any advice in this case, because I have no experience with these.

      I hope someone who is smarter than me when it comes to Kanna and Indian warrior or have experience with these specific tinctures reads this and replies .

  7. Im interested in the brick wall recipe, however salvia is illegal in my state in the US, i’m been trying to find a very strong herbal mixture but havent been able to find anything not containing salvia, my question is, would leaving the salvia out decrease the potency and make it just a slight mellow high? I enhoy the mellow high when im wanting to relax but everyonce in a while i like a strong “brick to the head” high. Are there other legal herbs i could substitute for the salvia that are close to as strong? Thanks -Sam

    1. There is no substitute for Salvia. Salvia contains the STRONGEST naturally occurring hallucinogenic (Salvinorin-A).

      There is nothing like it.

  8. First Class…
    Is there a substitute for Inebriating mint as its not available in the U.K, thanks.

    1. I don’t know of any substitutes.

      You might want to try Damiana but I’m not sure if it works. I’ve heard from many people, that Damiana has absolutely no effects whatsoever (it’s not included in the list of the best legal highs) but haven’t tried it myself.

      Alternatively you can use more Opium lettuce and Salvia.

  9. I’ve got the ingredients for First Class, but your instructions are only for smoking it. Would it work as tea? As far as I can tell, the answer to this is usually “yes, but you might want to use more ingredients,” but I’d like to be sure so I don’t waste anything.

    1. Oh, lol, the “final words” tab is what I wanted. Nevermind!

    2. You won’t waste anything if you are careful and use the ladder method, you can find it here: safe and responsible legal high use
      (look for ladder method).

      You have to carefully identify the right dosage for yourself as this is your first time.

      One important thing tough, which might not be mentioned in the blog post: Salvinorin-A (active ingredient of Salvia) is not water soluble. /Although according to some forum posts you can get effects but you would need to use a lot (amount is not specified in the forum posts)./

      So I would separate and create two legal high mixtures (to be used separately) from what you have.
      You can drink everything you have as a tea, except Salvia.

      Use Salvia separately and at a different occasion (it has quite the kick on it’s own).

      Legal disclaimer:
      This is for research and documentation purposes only.
      We don’t advocate anything illegal.
      Make sure the ingredients you have are legal to use in your country.
      Using legal highs is a personal choice and I can not be held liable for your actions. (make sure you are 18+ as well)

      1. Unfortunately, I did in fact manage to waste $30 of ingredients. Salvia is not legal here, so I substituted Kanna as suggested and added all of the ingredients to boiling water for tea. It was very bitter, but I gulped it down… I did not experience even the slightest buzz or high. Perhaps I should invest in a vaporizer.

        1. That’s interesting. Are you an alcoholic/heroin addict/pothead (smoking 3+ grams of weed daily) (no offense meant, just a wondering)? Your tolerance must be really high.
          Maybe you should experiment with one herb at a time and with a higher dosage (or stronger extract and higher dosage) to see whether that particular herb does anything for you at all.

          I doubt a vaporizer would help much in your case.

          /You still have the Salvia, if you don’t feel anything from a few grams of Salvia extract I will know this is a troll comment.
          That’s impossible.

          1. I drink on most weekends and don’t smoke pot at all (though I’d like to try it if I actually had any connections, hehe)

            Salvia is not legal in my state, and frankly the stuff sounds a little scary to me so I’m not sure I want to try that version.

            I’m not all that confident in my preparation skills. I just threw all the ingredients into hot water and filtered them after 20 minutes of steeping. But oh well, maybe I’ll try again sometime.

          2. Ok. I think for you it would be the best to try Kratom next time.

            It’s second most popular herbal legal high after Salvia and it’s perfect for you, because you don’t intend to smoke them (you can’t smoke Kratom).
            I bet you will like Kratom, for legal status, consumption methods and dosage, check here: Kratom page

  10. Interesting, I will find and make these! I have been smoking international oddities for a year. But always looking for natural highs. From I. O. I like the panama gold bud, since it has the familiar effect, like a mild weed high. Their krypto, black widow, rasta smoke and dro are great in terms of fx. Also their black o solid concentrate has a strong effect. Have you reviewed some of those? I would like to see your take on it. Thanks

    1. Are you working for You sound a lot like it.
      InternationalOddities is a SCAM! They are included in my legal high shop blacklist

      They sell overpriced herbal incense, which will not get you high at all.
      If you got high from their “fake highs”. Imagine what would real legal highs do to you… 🙂

      1. I’m an experienced smoker, and used to drink many psychoactive pills due to my PTSD. It is very relaxing to smoke I.o . I’m not a spam, you can find me on facebook under Dakkel kur a. Is very relaxing and kind of a buzz. Like dirt weed. But not the same since no outburst of euphoria. But really relaxed that feels somewhat buzzed. I thought you where answering concerns and thanks for the a hole attitude. Yet still like your writings.

      2. Also in good faith I will be making these in the next week and I will write to you on my experience with the blends. Thanks for quality writing.

        1. To let you know I would have completed the brick wall receptive by next week(salvia taking the longest to arrive) and will let you know on my experience.

  11. So I smoke a lot of weed lol but ive had to quit recently due to getting random tests at work..what would you recommend for a similar feeling to pot?

  12. Leah Reasoner says:

    Salvia cannot be obtained here due to state law. How will that affect the outcome of my brickwall and it’s effects?

  13. hi simon, great info.

    Can you recommend a blend (strong marijuana like high) that will be best used for rolling papers.

    I know that anyones first though would be to to tell me that i should use another method but trust me rolling papers is the ONLY way.


    1. This question pops up time and time again. Give me a few days. I will create a separate guide about this including marijuana synergists and all smokeable legal highs with marijuana-like effects.

      /I’m writing a guide to legal party drugs & stimulants right now and after that a guide to better sex through legal highs. I’m really busy right now but after these I will be working on it./

      I try to be as fast as possible.

  14. Hi Simon,
    Could you write a guide on teas? Many of us would like to drink it, instead of smoking. It would be great to have some recipes ranging from strong to a nice mellow feeling, and some recipes without Salvia /for folks with legal restrictions. Many of us would enjoy a Kava substitute too, if there is one. Thanks:)

  15. – This comment was removed –

    1. Please refrain from commenting about anything illegal.
      The blog is called LEGAL highs blog for a reason, and mentioning anything illegal is not tolerated (like planting Salvia for the explicit reason to get high in places, where it is illegal)

      This comment will be removed.

      I hope you understand. As the owner of the most popular legal high blog (just google “legal highs” you will see this blog first page) I have to keep things under control. I don’t want any heat from authorities, I’m in the spotlight already as it is.

      Can we safely say that salvia is 99 percent illegal in us?

      There is an import ban on Salvia and Kratom in the US, big commercial orders (10-100 kgs) are seized by customs (small orders for personal use are still fine). You can find the list of US states, where Salvia is illegal here:
      Salvia guide

      It’s about 60% of the states, not 99%.

      Because of the import ban US shops selling Salvia have no way of replenishing stocks. Be very careful of headshops selling Salvia & Kratom in the US. Most of them are scams and the rest are selling low quality leftovers (often years old). I have lost $ 300 testordering.

      Just be careful.

      1. Thanks and I understand. Divinorum is a legal botanical here in Puerto Rico.

  16. Noticed the recommended UK site does not stipulate extract on their products. Is this going to weaken the effect?

  17. Eternal_Pomp says:

    Hi SimonTheSorcerer,

    I found your blog today thankfully. I am going to try the following. Siberian Motherwort Leaf (I’ve found a place in the UK you can buy it), Salvia Divinorum Leaf, Wild Opium Lettuce Leaf, Wild Dagga Petal, and finally Kratom Leaf. I am buying a grinder too and although there are no more potent strength ‘extracts’ in the mix – I am wondering if you have tried something like this before, or if you recommend this mix I’m going for. Kanna is hard to find here in large quantities for a bargain price, plus I’ve read that it can cause insomnia, which is the opposite of what I’m looking for primarily. I also am considering the fact that you said you don’t like mixing Wild Lettuce with Kanna. What do you think? I’m getting around 25g of each product for a total of £40ish, and I’d guess it could last me over a month….Thanks for this informative blog! Sick of legal herbal incense, it really is dangerous stuff.

    1. Eternal_Pomp says:

      I’m also considering adding Zornia Latifolia (Maconha Brava) and Raspberry Leaves (Rubus idaeus) to the mix. Am I making a terrible mistake?! Only one way to find out – I’ll know by the end of the week!

  18. Ian Winfield says:

    Hi Simon
    I’m a seasoned smoker but price/availability have led me down new paths, yes I tried black mamba, truly horrible, threw it away. The thought of kids bonging loads of this s**t is a concern for the powers that be.
    I followed the brick wall recipe to the letter, not as harsh as I thought it was gonna be and not as potent either, maybe a bit more salvia? 0.17 went in.
    superb blog,cheers mate Ian uk

    1. How was the feling of the brick wall? I am making this in the next few days and I will be adding a .5 of salvia divinorum 20x extract. Next wil be the first class, I am finding the extracts but bouncing bear botanicals is out of stock on a lot. Maybe simon is to blame ; ). Herbal eye and Avalon are great took less then ten days to deliver to Puerto Rico so I’m happy.

      1. Ian Winfield says:

        Jury’s still out on BW but finding it’s not doing much at all really, swhy im thinking adding mo salvia x and maybe another ingredient…..

  19. Ian Winfield says:

    Oh, I found Herbal Eye most efficient

  20. Square eyes says:

    I can’t find anywhere in the UK that sells opium lettuce extract- help!! Can I replace it with opium lettuce leaf, if so how much? Need something strong…..

      1. Square eyes says:

        Found it on avalonmagicplants- happy days 🙂

        1. They are the best. And have a great deal on salvia extracts.

  21. Ian Winfield says:

    Ok, to brick wall I added 3.5 of opium lettuce leaf another 3.5 of indian warrior to bulk it out and the rest of the gram of salvia extract. Getting a mild buzz from this, nothing major, maybe this is just not for me.
    Maybe ill try some salvia leaf on its own.
    to be honest theres only one ‘plant’worth smoking and we all know what that is!
    This is just my personal opinion and findings, good luck

    1. True man! But when the road gets tough we Have to work with it. I recommend making the same BW or first class with all 20x to 30x extract. If you are a regular green smoker give yourself a tolerance break before smoking.

    2. Also try it on a pipe rather than a joint.

  22. Ian Winfield says:

    Very true, thanks fellas

  23. Ok so I did the brick wall I had 7 grams of each ingredient, except for salvia which I had 1 gram of 20x extract. So I decided to make the whole thing saving one gram of the mix without the salvia for test as a control.
    So I added half a gram of salvia, keep in mind I have used salvia before on its own.
    So I pack a glass pipe bowl of the mixture and it was really nice. First got the disassociation and head stoned feeling of the salvia with a little euphoria. Then I got the mellow weed like high am body buzz, quite stoned feeling but no body motor impariment and no couch lock. Yet the effect was intense and very enjoyable.
    Over all I would have to say it was great and sorry mr simon the sorcerer for doubting. As for

  24. As for if the salvia makes a difference? Yes it does. The mix without salvia is highly sedative and mildly head change, it is the salvia that makes it somewhat psychoactive and gives you that nice stoned feeling. I recommend it in a pipe, since salvia needs high temps to make the active ingredient volatile.

  25. Hey Simon can you upload more recepies? Also is amanita muscaria smokable? If so what would be an appropriate blend with it. There is one online called soma and would love ur opinion. Thanks and sorry for the many comments.

  26. Ian Winfield says:

    Finished BW not sure if id do it again to be honest, I don’t really fancy piping it as suggested looking more for rolling recipes
    any suggestions for just salvia leaf plus a strong extract? Ratios? Experience?

  27. Hi Simon,

    Im having a go with one of your incense recipes (the First Class) but as you know i cant purchase inebriating mint in the UK,

    Could you substitute that for anything else, if so, could you give me an idea of what I can use,

    Great site, very informative by the way,


    1. You can not purchase inebriating mint in the UK. I’m sorry.

      You can only purchase it online in only one shop and that’s it. I have never seen it anywhere else.

      Please read the previous comments one of the commenters already asked about substitutes and I have already answered it there.

  28. Dear SimontheAWESOMEsorcerer,
    I know this was asked previously, but I would really like to try blending something that gives strong effects from smoking, without the salvia. Salvia seems to be the “make or break” of these blends being strongly effective, and I’m desperately in need of something worthwhile. I hope you have some magic that could help.

    1. To the best of my knowledge there are no alternatives to Salvia.

      However, you can try experimenting with the extracts of the various other ingredients listed.

      1. For a substitute for salvia in the US (not smokeable…MUST eat) try fly aminita – it’s available in the US and completely legal worldwide. Google it and you’ll find a few shops that sell it (not sure I can post it here so feel free to remove it simon) – herbalfire dot com sells it (pretty cheaply – $35 for an ounce of A+ grown in Washington state) its grown from several locations around the US and the world. First eat the shrooms and them smoke the BW mix and BOOM buckle up baby. I’d recommend somewhere around 3-4 grams of the Aminita but Some ppl feel an effect from as little as one gram so use the ladder method. Hope this helps out some of our US residents 🙂

  29. Hi Simon,
    Will any of the homemade legal smoking herbs show up on a pee test at all?

    1. Maybe someone else can answer that, we don’t have those urine tests here in Europe so I don’t know.

      Is it really true that your employer can make you take a urine test in the US? That’s messed up.

      1. CharleyAnne says:

        Ya, sadly it is the truth. they do it all the time in common jobs like retail and food service.

      2. Yes, and it sucks lol. I lost a great PAID internship for this summer because they piss tested me! I didn’t think I had to stop smoking MJ since it wasn’t an actual job. This is why I’m looking for alternatives 😒

    2. No , legal smoking blends like the ones here would not cause you to fail a urine test. I used them wile in the military and not even once had an issue.

  30. Tina the witch says:

    Simon – First, thank you for such an informative blog. However I am still having difficult time knowing how much of the carrier herbs are TOO much. What ratio of herb blends should one try to stay close to if you want s moderate to strong effect? For example: if I am mixing motherwort- mugwort – Klip dagga and damiania Which herbs should be more and which ones do I just add a little? Bottom line which herbs should be the “bulk” of any blend if you want to yield an effect? Or which two herb combos are best no matter what else you put them with? I know that was a lot. Sorry ….. Thank you.

    1. Every ethnobotanical – except for Skullcap – mentioned here should get you high. So, if you are replacing everything with dagga, you should still feel something. These are all psychoactive herbs.

      /Intensity and the type of the “high” varies from herb-to-herb & the potency of the extract used, the quality of the herb used, your tolerance etc…/

      You can read about them here.

      “Bottom line which herbs should be the “bulk” of any blend”

      A strong extract of any of the plants mentioned here. That is, if you are planning on smoking them.
      If not, and you are open to other methods of ingestion, then just check out the big legal high guide, I’m sure you will find something there.

  31. Hello simon
    Simon I was wandering if you could tell me please a recepie for something similar to canabise leaving in channel island Jersey and is really really hard to get your hands on anything here and I don’t like the idea of those legal highs..and even sow are ban here…all. What I could order and if you have and tips where from to :d. Thank you very much
    Regards :d

  32. I’m glad I found you Simon and would gladly send a donation…..will you tell me where I can purchased this Salvia you talk about. I live in the U.S. midwestern state and pot is illegal here. I have tried the legal herbal incense and after reading your comments I am ready to flush it. I would love to be able to relax can you help me out…if it’s not something I can find than I guess it’s useless to try and make a blend. Great forum you are doing such a good job here. Thanx

    1. I’m glad I could help. I’ts more of a collection of guides with comments sections and it’s not really a forum (forums are outdated and most of the time really ugly, I don’t like them). You can find the info you requested about Salvia here:

      /Click on the drop-down menu titled “Additional information”if you don’t find what you are looking for on the page./

  33. The Wizard says:

    have you tried smokeing kava kava powder or any kava kava extracts its a relaxing high with a weird mouth numbness but mixed with blue lotus stamens is amazing and then add maoi just for good measure.

  34. Hi Simon, hope you’re having a groovy day 🙂 Thank you very much for sharing your recipes with every person, I’ve been hoping to find some recipes to make my own highs.
    I’m 54 and live in New Zealand and had to give up work because I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrone. Anyhow, one of the symptoms I have to try and deal with constantly is stress, so being able to make my own chemical-free stress relief will be extremely valuable and I truly appreciate the effort you’ve put in.
    Once again thank you and I wish you a very groovy 2015 🙂
    And don’t forget to keep smiling, it makes every person wonder what you’ve been up to…… 🙂

  35. Timaaay!!! says:

    Hi Simon, Really interesting blog you’ve got here… For the Brickwall recipe, what could you recommend instead of Indian Warrior as I live in the U.K

  36. bossofthasticks says:

    Hey simon can u still pass a drug test with your recipes?

  37. Recommended dosage for the brick wall recipe?

  38. Matthew j says:

    I may sound really stupid but I have tp ask in your method for brick wall you say once the salvia is mixed not to touch it with your hands how should I put in my pipe then ? Sorry if its a really dumb comment tthNks

  39. Dakkel Kur a says:

    Hi Simon, is amanita muscaria smokable? I was looking at a herbal smoke that had it in its ingredients. I would love your opinion and more recepies. Also I found that diluting e cigarrete liquid without the nicotine an spraying your mix with it will make it more flavorful. Thanks. And have a groovy day man.

  40. David Petitpas says:

    Had to try a various other websites to obtain everything except the Wild Daaga. It was either out of stock or it didn’t have the extract. Cant wait to try it tho!

  41. Ryan Mccoy says:

    Hey, I have been reading your page alot and i was still wanting to no like Diablo,bizzorra, and the strongest others is what i like but they are to much. they are way to much can you help me? Can i make my own just as strong as them or even stronger thank you Ryan

  42. thanks for the lists, recipes, and all the great advice !
    can you tell us the difference between the high from brick wall and first class ?

  43. Bellydancer14 says:

    So glad I found ur blog. Thx for such fantastic info. I’m a worried girlfriend trying to keep my BF safe from these so called legal highs in the UK. My BF has recently quit tobacco smoking & started vaping nicotine e liquids. Mainly coz we argue about him smoking in the house. All working great. However we are trying to find a solution to him smoking tobacco based legal highs. He has used the Bud Factory classic extreme for sometime & reading ur blog confirmed my own novice views of these so called research chemicals. He want to try some of ur recipes but I am confused as to how he uses them. Can he vape them in his vapourisor or does he need to buy something more specialized. If he want to smoke them does he still have to use tobacco. Sorry for such dumb questions but I am very new to this? Once again thx for such great info. Hopefully we can find a solution to stop our bickering over this subject. BTW agree the cost of these packets of cr$p are exorbitant here in the UK!!!!

  44. Hi
    I bought skullcap leaf cut (scutellaria lateriflora) will this be OK for the mixture?

      1. Any tips on how to grind this stuff up its quite twiggy?

  45. Can you smoke skullcap on its own?

      1. Mind me asking but how come you put it in the mixture then?

  46. Simon you are a genius.
    You must be Richer than your wildest dreams.
    If your not you should be.
    I can do this

  47. Hi Simon,
    Im a long time pot-smoker but recently had to move to taiwan, where I find it very hard to get some decent greens. Im really interested in legal highs but after reading this blog I ask myself if all the herbs in your recipes are necessary or salvia extract might do the trick alone. Do you think I should try salvia on its own first or are all the other ingridients enhancing the mixtures A LOT ?

  48. Thanks for not posting my comment or answering me at all. I’m making brickwall. I’m out of Kanna. Everything where I am is legal. I just need a Kanna substitute and I’m not comfy trying anything without advice from the maker himself (Simon ) so what’s a good Kanna substitute? Damiana?

  49. Damiana works great instead of Kanna if anyone wonders. I bit the bullet and tried it. I love it.

  50. Can you recommend a blend for increased sexual desires?

  51. Hi Simon, quick question. Where or how are you able to buy these ingredients in such small amounts? I seem to be able to only find much larger quantities for sale especially with the salvia. Thanks.

    1. Yes, you can only buy larger amounts. The ingredients in the recipes here are only for one batch (the way I make it).

  52. Simon,
    Great website! You might consider slightly changing your recipe for Brick Wall and First Class that require 0.1g X20 Salvia. Mixing 0.5g of X5 is more accurate than 0.1g X20. There is a better chance of equal distribution. Just my 2 cents worth.

  53. Hi! I love your blog. You’ve made life so much easier lol. I have a few questions for you:

    1. I take antidepressants/mood stabilizers (Wellbutrin & Cymbalta), are there any specific herbs you know of that I shouldn’t smoke due to its effect on these kinds of medications?

    2. I’m interested in getting Wild Dagga (flowers), Marihuanilla and Damiana. Would mixing these herbs give me better results or should I smoke them separately? I stopped smoking the illegal MJ due to drug testing, so I don’t want to waste money on something that won’t give me similar effects.

    I know you’re super busy, but I’d really appreciate it if you could get back to me sometime soon. Thanks!! You’re awesome!!

  54. john Wysling says:

    Do u make a smoking blend I can buy or know of any of the us authentic herbal blends websites that are legit that I can buy herbal incense from

      1. Debbie Cervantes says:

        They do not ship to the USA. Any one else that sells pre-made? I would like to try it before I start making it.

  55. Sasson cohen says:

    Hi simon
    I ordered from ebay e liquid – zatiwa herbal extract from lotus extracts a blend of kanna ,wild and klip dagga ,blue and white lotus ,bay bean,honeyweed-marihuanilla,sakea naa subtitude for kratom and passion flower.
    Have you heard about it ? Have some tried it?
    Thank you for your reply.

  56. Hi I was trying to send you a picture . Can you please tell me if this is wild lettuce. I tried to google it but not so sure.

  57. Waitfornever says:

    I 2nd the request for a premixed blend that will ship to USA. Any ideas or suggestions? Thank you for your work, there is way too much misinformation out here. Please keep it up.

  58. The brick wall is a pretty good deal. Not as strong as hoped but all natural can’t beat it with a long big stick. Thank you Simon. This is like a decent mid grade buzz. Little harsh but good. Has me wanting to make the other.

    1. Yeah, legal stuff compared to illegal stuff will always seem (and objectively are) milder. But for legal reasons we can’t discuss illegal stuff here. I hope you understand.

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