This is picture of Argyreia nervosa, also known as Hawaiian baby woodrose or vidhara. A well-known LSA containing plant.

Simon’s Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Guide

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The Hawaiian baby woodrose, also called woolly morning glory and vidhara is a climbing vine native to India. The plant has since spread to many tropical regions, notably Africa, the Caribbeans and, of course, Hawaii. The Hawaiian baby woodrose is a member of the convolvulaceae along with the morning glory.

There are two variations of the Hawaiian baby woodrose, the nervosa and the speciosa. The latter has been used in Ayurvedic medicine, though it has practically no psychoactive effects

The nervosa variant has not been used in medicine traditionally, despite the fact that Hawaiian baby woodrose seeds have the highest concentration of psychoactive compounds in the Convolvulaceae family.

Baby woodrose seeds contain many ergoline alkaloids including Ergine. Ergine is also known as Lysergic Acid Amid, or LSA, which is the natural counterpart and precursor of LSD.

Close-up of the hawaiian baby woodrose plant.
Hawaiian baby woodrose

Effects of the Hawaiian baby woodrose:

Despite the similar structure, effects of LSD and LSA differ significantly. While LSD has a decidedly uplifting and energising effect, LSA is reported to induce a sedated, dreamlike trance.

LSA’s psychedelic effects are believed to come from its efficacy at the 5-HT2A receptor as a partial agonist. However, the role of these interactions and how they result in the psychedelic experience continues to remain elusive.*

Effects of the hawaiian baby woodrose are much the same as those of morning glory seeds, but baby woodrose seeds have a much higher concentration of LSA. As a result, even a smaller amount can produce similar effects.

Consumption of LSA seeds often causes nausea and other stomach problems. This is not the result of the psychoactive substance, LSA itself but the various other compounds consumed along with it. To avoid such complaints, LSA is sometimes extracted from the seeds.

*Source: LSA (PsychonautWiki)


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Hawaiian baby woodrose guide



Hawaiian baby woodrose – legal status


The Hawaiian baby woodrose is not a controlled plant, and thus legal in most countries. It should be noted, however, that extraction of LSA is regulated in some countries.

Let’s see a country-by-country breakdown: 

 hawaiian baby woodrose – legal status
 USA Hawaiian baby woodrose is not a regulated plant in the USA. However, the active compound in baby woodrose seeds is LSA, which is a  DEA schedule III drug due to it being a precursor to LSD. This means that the substance may only be dispensed by a practitioner, making it illegal to possess extracted LSA without a prescription.
Australia Export and import of Hawaiian baby woodrose seeds is illegal in Australia, though treated seeds are legal to trade and possess. Consumption of the seeds is illegal in most Australian states due to their LSA content (even treated seeds).
Canada Both Hawaiian baby woodrose seeds and LSA are uncontrolled and legal.
 Germany Hawaiian baby woodrose is legal and uncontrolled in Germany.
 Italy Hawaiian baby woodrose is on the table I (testo unico) schedule in Italy, making it illegal.
 Netherlands Hawaiian baby woodrose is not a controlled plant. However, consumption possession and sale of LSA is illegal, which means extraction of LSA from the seeds is banned.
Poland Hawaiian baby woodrose is a controlled plant in Poland and illegal.
Russia Hawaiian baby woodrose has been banned in Russia since 2009.
 Sweden Neither Hawaiian baby woodrose, nor its extracts are controlled in Sweden, making them legal.
 UK The  hawiian baby woodrose is uncontrolled, legal, and freely available in the UK.


Places to buy hawaiian baby woodrose


Hawaiian baby woodrose seeds may be bought online, as they are legally sold in several countries. In the UK, for example, seeds, plants and instructions for growing Hawaiian baby woodrose as a decorative plant are freely available.

Those looking to experience the psychedelic effects of the Hawaiian baby woodrose should buy only the seeds, as they contain the psychoactive compounds.


Buy Hawaiian baby woodrose – US

I can’t personally recommend any US vendors right now.


Buy Hawaiian baby woodrose – Netherlands

You can buy Hawaiian baby woodrose at the following link:

Hawaiian baby woodrose seeds (Shipped from the Netherlands)


LSA  effects


LSA – also known as ergine, d-lysergic acid amide and d-lysergamide – is an alkaloid of the lysergamide family. LSA is the active compound in several plants including morning glory and, of course, Hawaiian baby woodrose.

Structure of the LSA, the active component in Hawaiian baby woodrose seeds.
Structure of the LSA

LSA is the precursor of LSD, which means it is a component in the process of producing LSD. Unlike LSD, LSA occurs naturally.

LSA’s psychedelic effects are believed to come from its efficacy at the 5-HT2A receptor as a partial agonist. However, the role of these interactions and how they result in the psychedelic experience continues to remain elusive.

There are also doubts to the truth of this theory, as synthetic LSA has been reported to have very little psychedelic effects.

Nevertheless, LSA has been reported to have several physical and cognitive effects as well. These will most likely not all occur at the same time, but any combination is possible.

Cognitive effects

LSA is considered a hallucinogen. Taking LSA results in a dreamy, trance-like state but also clear-headedness (as opposed to, say, LSD).

LSA is known to cause accelerated and enhanced abstract thinking along with an increased analytic capability and introspective thinking. Users have also reported feelings of wakefulness and a sense of unity.

LSA also has memory-inhibiting effects, to the point where users may experience “ego death”. This is a state in which one is disassociated from one’s self, viewing concepts and even themselves from an impersonal, (supposedly) unbiased point of view.

Physical effects

LSA has been reported to have an interesting duality of effects. In general, it can be considered a sedative, as mentioned earlier. However, in highly stimulating environments or taken during physical activity, it can also act as a stimulant.

LSA is a hallucinogenic substance. Effects mainly include physical and visual stimuli.  The tactile sensations can range from mild tingling all the way to physical euphoria. Users often experience a perceived increase in their weight and partial loss of motor function.

Visual experiences include various color shifts and color enhancement. Users may experience several distortions in the visible world around them – objects morphing, flowing and melting – in high detail.

After effects

Primary effects of LSA-use usually last about 5-10 hours.

/May differ significantly on a person by person basis, always be cautious with doses, especially as a first time user./

For up to 3 hours after the primary effects have ended, the color distortions and the increased sense of brightness usually remains. A feeling of empty headedness often occurs during this period as well.


Sources: LSA (PsychonautWiki)Ergine (Wikipedia)LSA (Erowid)



Dangers of Hawaiian baby woodrose


Consumption of Hawaiian baby woodrose can have some adverse side effects and consequences. The most prevalent side effect is nausea and vomiting, which may be diminished or even prevented by correct preparation.

Hawaiian baby woodrose may cause mental effects such as confusion as well as an increased sense of anxiety and paranoia. These side-effects pass with the other effects of the seeds, but may linger for users with psychotic tendencies.

The Hawaiian baby woodrose is a vasoconstrictor, which means it causes a narrowing of blood vessels. Somewhat uncomfortable in itself, this may pose a large risk during surgeries, so Hawaiian baby woodrose seeds should not be taken beforehand.



Interactions with Hawaiian baby woodrose


Hawaiian baby woodrose elevates serotonin levels in the brain, which causes the sought-after euphoric effects. Anti-depression medications affect the same chemicals, which can cause dangerous interaction leading to anxiety, shivering and heart problems. Do not take Hawaiian baby woodrose if you’re also taking anti-depression medication.

There have also been reports of adverse side effects of Hawaiian baby woodrose consumed along with alcohol. One’s inhibitions and sense of fear may be severely lowered, to the point where there has been at least one fatality due to falling off a building under the effects of alcohol and LSA.

Synergistic effects of Hawaiian baby woodrose and other substances is largely unknown, so generally it is not a good idea to consume them together without extensive research or professional advice.



Hawaiian baby woodrose health benefits


Hawaiian baby woodrose is used mainly for pain relief through elevated serotonin levels. The plant is also used for the healing of wounds, though in that case not the seeds but the leaves are used, which are applied topically.

Hawaiian baby woodrose has also been reported to have aphrodisiac effects. Other uses of the plant include treating gonorrhea, rheumatism and nervous system disorders.
/The exact efficiency of the Hawaiian baby woodrose is generally unproven./



Hawaiian baby woodrose preparation and consumption


Hawaiian baby woodrose can have rather adverse effects if incorrectly prepared. Both the coating of the seeds and chemical compounds within the seeds can cause nausea.


Seed pods of the Hawaiian baby woodrose generally contain 4-6 seeds. Seeds have a hairy coating which should be scraped thoroughly. This removes part of the nauseating effects and the seeds may then be taken.

To further improve effects, ergoclavines may also be removed with an acid/base wash. Alcoholic solvents should be avoided. Soaking the seeds in a combination of distilled water and baking soda should have the desired effect, though the solution should be filtered afterwards to remove excess baking soda.


Hawaiian baby woodrose seeds may be consumed whole or ground. When ingesting ground seeds, they should always be freshly ground.

Ground Hawaiian woodrose seeds may also be consumed by soaking the seeds in water and drinking the water. It should be noted that the intensity of the effects may vary with the method of consumption.

Travel sickness pills such as dramamine may be taken either before ingestion or after the nausea has set in. However, users should be aware that dramamine can be a dangerous substance in larger quantities. Also, its synergistic effects with Hawaiian baby rose are unknown, though there have been no reports of adverse effects.


Hawaiian baby woodrose dosage


The recommended average dosage of Hawaiian baby woodrose seeds is about 4-8 seeds at a time. However, effects may vary on a person by person basis and users, especially first-time users should always proceed with care.

First time users should “test the waters” by taking 2-3 seeds only. Onset of the effects may  take up to one hour (20-40 minutes in general), so re-dosage if no effects are experienced at first should be avoided.

A heavy dosage of Hawaiian baby woodrose seeds is set at 12-15 seeds. However, this dosage is not recommended for any but the most experienced users of Hawaiian baby woodrose.

Buy Hawaiian baby woodrose – US


I can’t personally recommend any US vendors right now.


Buy Hawaiian baby woodrose – Netherlands


You can buy Hawaiian baby woodrose at the following link:

Hawaiian baby woodrose seeds (Shipped from the Netherlands)



Hawaiian baby woodrose trip reports

There are several Hawaiian baby woodrose trip reports with positive, negative and mixed experiences as well. A careful preparation and dosage choice is essential for a great experience.

“5:00 PM – After making sure I felt happy in general, and ready to try the seeds, I put 4 into a mug half full of water, guessing that 4 is probably about right for me, this being a first time, and microwave this for 45 seconds on high, to soften them enough to chew.

6:00 PM – At this point the nausea has started to kick in. I feel like I need to vomit, and spend some time crouched over the toilet bowl.

7:00 PM – The mental and body parts of the trip have really kicked in by now. I feel very happy and content. The music is directing my CEV’s, which are mostly sort of vaguely human forms grooving with the music, in a swirling liquid way.

I feel quite restless, and can’t stop moving at this point, so I was constantly grinning and grinning! Things felt different, and really good. LSA apparently increases tactile sensitivity, and this is what was happening to me. I kept just running my hands through my hair, and over my body, and just feeling various surfaces, like the stucco-ish walls, wood, my bed-sheet covers…

(After 8:00 PM) The pronounced mood lift has faded somewhat, though I’m still feeling very much happy and content for the rest of the trip- just not as intensely as the initial brief lift.

Old memories come and go, including some dream fragments that I’d forgotten until then.

(Around 10:30 PM) I was basically down, aside from subtle CEVs and the occasional brief association. I watched a film (which admittedly still gained some additional strange qualities from the remnants of the trip), and went to bed by about 2:00 AM. My pupils were still dilated at this point, and had returned to normal by the following morning. I had no trouble getting to sleep.”

Excerpts from Mind For Rent 9‘s trip report (Erowid)


“My conclusion with HBWR is that you can never be to sure (as with all natural psychoactives) of the amount of active compounds in the plant, therefore it makes for an unpredictable experience at the best of times. But all in all ide say I learnt alot from these little plants, and its yet another chemical notch on the bedpost to be proud of. My advice to people would be; if you want to ‘trip’ do LSD or something, but if you want to have a good time and generally enhance the situation then these seeds are for you, not to intense, easily managable and legal.”

Excerpt from Psychedelic Sunshine‘s trip report (Erowid)


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Last updated: 2015. 11. 11.

Simon's Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Guide
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