Nutmeg Trip Report: Fear, Dread, Panic and the Abyss

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As I stated in my list of the best legal highs nutmeg is definitely to avoid and is not one of the best legal highs out there.

How do I know this?

Well research and my personal experience. When I was 20 and was attending university I got bored one weekend and decided to give nutmeg a try.  This is what happened:

Nutmeg trip report

At the time:

Age: 20
Gender: Male
Weight:  150 lbs, pretty fit in general

4 PM: Found some nutmeg (unopened, ground)  in the kitchen counter. Trying to eat two heaping tablespoons but the taste is so horrid I just can’t. Trying to dissolve it in water and gulping it down as fast I can. Nearly threw up because of the extremely horrible taste.

5 PM: Decided to roll the nutmeg into little balls of bakers yeast. This works, and I don’t feel the taste. It took me nearly two hours but I did consume two big tablespoons of the stuff.

6 PM: No effects at all.

8 PM: Still no effects-maybe some placebo effect as I expected to get high- I thought it’s not working. Big mistake!

9 PM: Getting really high but not in a fun giggly way. I feel like poisoned and feel sick.

10 PM: Getting even more high. Feeling really bad. My body tells me: “You stupid idiot you just fucking poisoned yourself!” .

11 PM:  4+ hours after ingestion it’s still not peaking and getting stronger by the minute but I’m genuinely high.  But this is not a good high it’s the kind of high, when you are ill and you have a very high fever (which I might had at the time)  and you are delirious.

12 PM: It’s midnight I’m not tired at all. Random thoughts cross mind head I can’t stop them.  I have really bad heart palpitations and something is very wrong with my breathing.

1 AM: Breathing is getting really difficult. It’s still not peaking and I’m getting more and more high. I feel dehydrated and going to the bathroom to pee like every 15 minutes. I try to eat something even tough I’m not hungry but it makes it so much worse at every bite I fell like passing out.

2 AM: I’m panicking. Breathing is really difficult and when I don’t focus on regular breathing I feel like I don’t breathe at all. It’s really scary. The effects are coming in waves and when a wave peaks I feel like passing out.

3 AM – 7 PM the next day: Second worst experience of my life (the first one is sleep paralysis, it’s hard to top that) !  Literally I spent 16 hours! in the corner of my room drenched in sweat, rocking back-and-forth like a madman, in fear of passing out and suffocating. I was so high and so panicked, that I suffocate ( I think I would have suffocated if I would let myself pass out). I could barely move, my heartbeat was crazy, sometimes really high, sometimes barely anything. I was shaking all over and drenched in cold sweat. I felt like dying and I wanted to call the ambulance but I could not move. The slightest movement only aggravated it. To make it even worse the world kind of disappeared. I call this effect “the abyss”. I kind of fell into my own thoughts, my own world of panic, fear of suffocation, fear of passing out, feeling poisoned and all sorts of “happy” thoughts like this for 16 hours and the world around me stopped existing. My eyes were open but they did not register anything, no hallucinations or anything just an endless barrage of negative thoughts and feelings. It was very heavy mental torture. I don’t wish it on anyone.

After 7 PM the next day: I sort of got into a manageable state and tried to resume normal life. I was still far from sober for the next 24 hours and I felt like I was coming down with a combination of a very heavy cold and flu. I looked like shit with extremely bloodshot eyes and yellowish-pale skin and smelled like nutmeg all over for days.

I felt like poisoned for the next week or so and had trouble seeing correctly for two days and had little shakes and tremors in my body every now and then.

Nutmeg: Stay away! This was my nutmeg trip report.

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5 thoughts on “Nutmeg Trip Report: Fear, Dread, Panic and the Abyss”

  1. I feel sorry for you that all that happened. I’ve not had nutmeg but very bad trips of acid and mushrooms mixed with weed and alcohol. hope you recovered completely .p

    1. It was ages ago (about 12 years), sure I recovered completely, it took about a week or so and I smelled of nutmeg very strongly for three days. I never thought nutmeg could be this strong, since then I exercise caution, no matter what. It made me very careful, and I’ve been very careful ever since.

      1. This is really good information Simon. All this plant information is just priceless , a true positive service to mankind.

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