Duty free, Tax Free Coupon Codes, Bulk Discounts

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Current online duty free shop coupon codes and special promotions:


Click on the picture to go to the shop (prices are for one carton).

This is a screenshot of the current duty free promotion.
Click on the picture to buy! – cheap discount cigarettes



Bulk discount:

Buy 6 cartons now and get 1 extra carton – free of charge

Buy 10 cartons now and get 2 extra cartons – free of charge

Buy 20 cartons now and get 5 extra cartons – free of charge


You can use both special promotions at the same time here.

8 thoughts on “Duty free, Tax Free Coupon Codes, Bulk Discounts”

  1. kevin matthews says:

    hi so after all that where can I buy cheap cigarettes and find out the shipping price before actually buying them and also any tax or duties to be paid..i am no wiser for reading your article unless you can answer my questions…many thanks..kev.

  2. Which online store do you generally use? My brother is in a rehab facility and I’m trying to go the easiest most affordable route to get him cigarettes.
    Thanks for your help!

  3. Hi Simon,
    Will the cigarettes I order from dutyfreedepot be genuine cigarettes and not fakes?
    Many thanks

    1. They are not fakes. At least my mother, who smokes for 20+ years, says they taste like the real thing.

  4. Dwayne A. Guillemette says:

    I’m looking for someyhing cheap in keene NH. But if you have something cheap here. I smoke L&M cigs.
    Thank you
    Dwayne A Guillemette

  5. PapaStefan says:

    I see a “free gift” listed in my order for 2 six carton order of American Spirit BLUE. Is this the extra cartons for ordering more than 10 cartons? The order summary does not specify “free” extra cartons.

    1. I don’t know. I don’t have access to your order. Please ask the shop, they have a toll free phone number.

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