Update 2017-05-03: Both and Dutyfreedepot went out of business! There is currently no legitimate place to buy cheap cigarettes and other duty free items online right now that delivers all over the world and accepts credit cards. Therefore I was forced to categorize the remaining legitimate shops based on the countries they deliver to: Europe, Australia or Singapore: Please click here to continue  to the shop. (the shop only accepts Visa and Visa electron, but not Mastercard) NEW! USA: Finally managed to find a legitimate…

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several bottles of liquor on a shelf lit by LED

Simon’s Guide to Buying Cheap Duty-Free Liquor Online

Liquor, sometimes also called hard liquor or spirit is a type of alcoholic beverage created through distillation. Distillation removes a percentage of the diluting components such as water, which results in a higher alcohol content (described as alcohol by volume, or ABV). The category of liquors includes beverages such as vodka, whisky and gin, but not beer and wine, as the latter are only fermented but not distilled afterwards. Distillation may be done in megadistilleries or microdistilleries, which is becoming ever more popular.   UPDATE:…

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5 bottles of cologne, considered to be among the most popular fragrances

Simon’s Guide to Buying Cheap Duty-Free Cologne Online

Cologne is one of the multiple types of fragrant substances used to lend a pleasant smell to various objects or, more commonly, people. Cologne is currently used most commonly to describe fragrances create for and marketed to men, traditionally it was not exclusively intended for men. Perfume is generally classified by dilution – that is, the concentration of aromatic compounds in the substance, or how “strong” it is. Cologne has the lowest concentration of these compounds among the types of fragrances, generally between 3 and 8…

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Four bottles of branded perfumes side by side

Simon’s Guide to Buying Cheap Duty-Free Perfume Online

Perfumes are mixtures of various essential oils and aromatic compounds, as well as fixatives and solvents. They are designed to give the human body or various objects a pleasant scent. The term perfume can actually be used in two different meanings. There is a distinction between the fragrances (fragrant substances) used by men and women: female products are generally called perfume, versions intended for men are called cologne. However, this only a colloquialism. Perfume, or parfum, actually means something different. Parfum, pure perfume or simply…

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Six bottles of various fragrances side by side.

Simon’s Guide to Buying Cheap Duty-Free Fragrances Online

Fragrances are substances created and used with the aim of giving something a pleasant scent. This scent is achieved by using various essential oils and aroma compounds in the creation of the fragrance. You might have heard the terms perfume (for women) and cologne (for men) more frequently for such substances. This is actually a colloquial misuse, which has spread in the language in the past  century. In the truth, these words refer to the intensity and longevity of fragrances and the concentration of the…

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Various bottles of spirits side by side

Simon’s Guide to Buying Cheap Duty-Free Spirits Online

Spirits make up one of the large categories of alcoholic beverages, the other two being beer and wine. Spirits are also known by several other names, such as hard liquor or hard alcohol. Spirits earned the name hard alcohol by having a relatively high alcohol content, at least 20%. Beverages that contain added sugar such as schnapps or creme liqueurs are officially not spirits but liquors, though very few consider this distinction important. Most people prefer buying spirits distilled in megadistilleries, as the quality of beverages…

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Simon’s Guide to Buying Cheap Duty-Free & Tax Free Tobacco Online

Tobacco is prepared from the leaves of the tobacco plant, either from Nicotiana tabacum or the more potent Nicotiana rustica. Today, various types of tobacco are used to create a vast number of products, including cigars and cigarettes. Some smokers, however, prefer to make their own cigarettes. There are a few advantages to rolling your own cigarettes, although it can be a hassle. When you make your own cigarettes, you can pick and choose the “ingredients” you prefer – the filter, the rolling paper and, most…

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Four cigars of various brands side by side

Simon’s Guide to Buying Cheap Duty-Free & Tax Free Cigars Online

Cigars have been smoked for over a millennium, as the decoration of a ceramic pot in Guatemala shows. The name cigar may very well have originated from the Mayan word sikar (smoking). Seeing the popularity of cigarettes today, it may be hard to believe that smoking cigars used to be much more common than smoking cigarettes. Today, about 21% of adults smoke cigarettes, while only about 2,2% regularly enjoy cigars. As a result of this switch in popularity, smoking cigars is seen by many today as…

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Various types of e-cigarettes side by side

Simon’s Guide to Buying Cheap E-cigarettes Online

E-cigarettes, or electronic cigarettes are devices that are somewhat similar to traditional cigarettes, but have a vastly different mechanism. Regular cigarettes contain tobacco which burns during consumption; users inhale the smoke from the burning tobacco. E-cigarettes, on the other hand, do not actually burn anything, though many designs feature a LED that lights up to imitate a burning cigarette. E-cigarettes contain flavored liquids, which are vaporised by the device and then breathed in by the consumer. Due to this vaporisation process, “smoking” e-cigarettes is also called…

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Four luxury watches in front of black background

Simon’s Guide to Buying Cheap Duty-Free and Tax Free Watches Online

Watches are portable devices designed to help their wearers tell the time. The first watches, created in the 17th century evolved from spring-powered clocks and were all mechanical. Since then, there have been several advances in the design and creation of watches. In order for the watches to be more accurate, watchmakers used vibrating quartz crystals. Digital watches mean the newest technology in the field of watches, and were introduced in the 1970s. Radio clock technology is used to regularly correct the time shown by the watches,…

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