Sok pénzt keresel online? A weboldalaidból élsz? Itt a helyed!


Sok pénzt keresel online? Már a weboldalaidból, blogjaidból befolyó jövedelemből élsz? Akkor itt a helyed, és ezt mindenképp olvasd el!   Gyorslinkek (klikk a linkre és egyből oda visz): Internetes pénzkeresés legjobbjai Hivatásos/profi webmesterek, weboldaltulajdonosok, bloggerek keresve Online pénzkeresésből megélő szakemberek csoportja Csoport célja, mit nyersz a csatlakozással Kiket várunk Kiket nem várunk     Internetes pénzkeresés legjobbjai egy helyen Hello, Simon András vagyok (SimonTheSorcerer néven vagyok ismert online). Volt startup tulajdonos ( itt említik meg a startupomat: [keresd Read More →

Biggest Lies Online Marketing Agencies tell You


Why you shouldn’t hire an SEO-oriented online marketing agency   My aim with this blog post is to protect would-be clients from predatory, unethical sales practices (and outright lies) of SEO agencies by providing insider information based on 5 years of experience working in the SEO industry (now retired and independent, so I can speak my mind freely). Because SEO is pretty much dead (read about it here: SEO is dead) SEO agencies are getting more-and-more desperate. That is one Read More →

Making a Living online: Living the Century Dream


How do you explain colour to someone born blind? How do you explain sound to someone born deaf? How do you explain total freedom to someone who has been an employee all his life? Imagine freedom, total freedom. Filling you up, all your body, till you are like a balloon ready to pop. Imagine utter, sheer happiness just by doing whatever you are doing. Even if it’s nothing at all.   That’s how it feels like living the century Read More →

What are the best/best-paying Affiliate Programs


Simon’s Affiliate Program Guide for People trying to make it online     First of all, if you are looking for affiliate programs that pay well you probably already have a blog. Or you are thinking of getting one and thinking about monetizing it. /*This guide will not contain any affiliate links and is not monetized in any way. My only intention is to help; to provide information for people who are trying to make a living online. Welcome to the ranks Read More →

SEO is dead: 5 years of Online Marketing Experience summarized


SEO is dead And SEO is dead not because it’s not working anymore. SEO is dead because it is no longer cost-effective to outsource it to an online marketing agency, and it is no longer possible for an online marketing agency to provide quality SEO services at an affordable price without compromising quality. /The situation does not look too good even if you are an in-house SEO, we will touch upon that as well./   This article will summarize my Read More →

The Secret of Cicada 3301 revealed: The teachings of a modern Mystery School


Cicada 3301 is nothing but a modern mystery school. Their purpose is to bring about the enlightenment (referred to as “death” by Cicada 3301, Liber Primus Page 2) of individuals whom they recruit. To understand what I’m going to tell you, first you need to read this: Cicada 3301 , which contains all the so far revealed, reliable information about Cicada 3301. And you need to have the Cicada “Bible” Liber Primus open in another tab. Will be referencing that often. Read More →

Liber Primus: The Bible of Cicada 3301


 Liber Primus Liber primus means “first book” and it is widely considered to be the sacred book of Cicada 3301. A sort of Cicada 3301 Bible if you wish. If you don’t know what is Cicada 3301, check out this post: Cicada 3301 /As per the request of Cicada 3301 – read page 2 – the original unchanged encrypted pictures are used./ Here are the original encrypted pages along with a transcript of each page. Ads, links to my other Read More →

How Quantum Mechanics changed my Life

I love documentaries and I watched  over two thousands documentaries online. Probably more. /I know this because I watched 80% of the documentaries from and that site has around 3000 documentaries and that’s not the only place I watch documentaries. I’ve been watching documentaries online for 8+ years./ I especially love documentaries about quantum mechanics and I have probably watched all available English quantum mechanics documentary films online. I remember I was around 11 when I first encountered quantum mechanics. It Read More →

My Digital Protest for Digital Democracy

Elections are upon us here in Central Europe, Hungary /Apr 6. ! /. Therefore my thoughts were inevitably drawn to politics and in turn to the future of politics: digital democracy. I always thought, that it is my fault, that I do not keep up with politics. I thought it is my fault that I do not put in the required amount of time to follow the political happenings of the country. However, there are certain big problems with this Read More →

How to Make The Most out of Your Gaming Time


So you are playing some video games? You are worried, this might be poor time management on your part? This does not has to be the case necessarily! There some easy and smart ways to turn your gaming time into a constructive intellectual exercise. I’m a gamer myself, been a gamer for many years now but I take time-management very seriously and just like anyone else I like to combine useful things with things I enjoy. Do Not Play Games in Your Native Read More →