How Quantum Mechanics changed my Life

I love documentaries and I watched  over two thousands of documentaries online, probably more. /I know this because I watched 80% of the documentaries from and that site has around 3000 documentaries and that’s not the only place I watch documentaries. I’ve been watching documentaries online for 8+ years./ I especially love documentaries about quantum mechanics and I have probably watched all available English quantum mechanics documentary films online. I remember I was around 11 when I first encountered quantum mechanics. Read More →

Is Consciousness God? Consciousness as a source of profound Beauty

I was playing Crusader Kings II. (set to German no less,  it is a good lifehack to set a computer game to a foreign language if it supports it, that way you can keep your language skills up to date, or maybe even learn new languages)  and I was browsing trough the different pagan factions available  - I always play a pagan faction, Christians or Muslins are way too boring, I mean come on it is all around us as Read More →

My Digital Protest for Digital Democracy

Elections are upon us here in Central Europe, Hungary /Apr 6. ! /. Therefore my thoughts were inevitably drawn to politics and in turn to the future of politics: digital democracy. I always thought, that it is my fault, that I do not keep up with politics. I thought it is my fault that I do not put in the required amount of time to follow the political happenings of the country. However, there are certain big problems with this Read More →

How to prepare for the Cicada 3301 Hunt, January 5th 2014 and solve all the Puzzles

The first cicada puzzle in 2014.

  You probably know what Cicada 3301 is (or at least what’s public of it) because you probably searched for something like “Cicada 3301 solved” or “Cicada 3301 mystery” and I probably showed up in the search results. I’m one of the Cicada hunters, just like you.  Even tough I run my own business and manage around 20 websites and I really shouldn’t be spending time with this. But I’m obsessed with the Cicada 3301 just like you. I will Read More →

Life Lessons learned in 2013

Happy new year! Another year passed. It’s been a while since I updated my personal blog with a longer post so it’s about time. I’ve learned a lot this year. You might find these life lessons interesting as well: Affiliate marketing I’ve been making money with my affiliate blogs for around 6 months now but I always looked at affiliate marketing as “being the unnecessary middleman”. No longer. I see affiliate programs as what they are now: outsourced marketing. It’s Read More →

SEO Crimes Against Humanity


The day started out as any other. Checking mails, G+ and Face in the morning.
Shifting trough the garbage, spam and the hordes of Indian professional spammers disguised as “bloggers”, “SEOs” trying to sell me shitty services using horrible English.

One e-mail caught my eye however. Here is an unedited copy of the e-mail: Read More →

Simple Tips to Get and Stay Fit


I work in an office and I’m sitting a good 9 hours per day. Still I managed to get fit and stay fit. You can do it too! You don’t even have to do that much or go to the gym. With these simple everyday tricks you can get closer to your fitness goals. Take your bike to work I live in a European city, where cycling to work is common and accepted. There are designated bycicle paths as well. Read More →

How to Make The Most out of Your Gaming Time


So you are playing some video games? You are worried, this might be poor time management on your part? This does not has to be the case necessarily! There some easy and smart ways to turn your gaming time into a constructive intellectual exercise. I’m a gamer myself, been a gamer for many years now but I take time-management very seriously and just like anyone else I like to combine useful things with things I enjoy. Do Not Play Games in Your Native Read More →

Simon’s Tricks and Tips on How to Save Money and Cut Costs

4 rolls of toilet paper in a plastic container labeled "tissues".

I’ve been there. At the age of 20 I had to make a decision about my future and how I plan my life afterwards and whether I want to go to college or not  at all. How to Save Money At that time my parents were in no position to help me financially having spent all their money on home repairs and the college tuition of my older brother so I was left to my own means. I’ve decided, that I want graduate Read More →

The Funniest Spam Comments I’ve Recieved

Unbelievable sale of VIAGRA pills click here->>> Just joking. I receive my fair share of spam comments daily, but thanks to Akismet my little digital lair remains SPAM-free. Some of the spam comments I receive actually make me laugh. To turn something repulsive such as spam commenting into something positive I’ve decided to showcase the funniest ones. If we can laugh about it we just might have turned something ugly into something quite positive, into a good laugh, a Read More →