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Welcome to Simon’s definitive online casino guide,


I’m Simon, and you are on Simon’s Online Gambling and Online Casino Blog.

The number one online gambling blog dedicated to providing valuable, impartial, useful information to all online players (gold member of GPWA, Gambling Portals and Webmasters Association).

Whether you are an advanced gambler with years of experience, or you are new to online gambling. If you read this guide – and the pages linked from this guide – you will know as much of online casino gambling as any professional gambler.

If you are just here for the best online casinos, you can find them here: Best online casino for you


/This guide and the website focus exclusively on online casino gambling. Online sports betting is not discussed./


The aim of Simon’s guide to online casinos is:

  • to provide you with information about online casino gambling
  • to make sure you will never be mislead, scammed or taken advantage of
  • to start a discussion about advanced online gambling
  • to make you interested in advanced casino gambling
  • to reveal all the secrets of online casinos and online casino gambling
  • to provide you with all the necessary online gambling knowledge to become a professional casino gambler


This is a really comprehensive guide and the online gambling proficiency of the visitors of the site varies greatly.
Therefore I have added a summary of everything discussed.


/You might want to bookmark the guide so you can easily find it anytime you need it./



Online Casino guide


By clicking on the links you can jump to the part of the guide you wish inspect closer:



Disclaimer: This is an impartial gambling blog and all opinions are my own. There are banner ads and affiliate links on the blog – there aren’t any affiliate links on this page tough – .

These ads are of many different online casino brands. Often these are ads of competing online casinos. Therefore the impartiality of my opinion is not influenced by any of the online casinos and my opinion is based on facts and calculations (calculations you can test yourself, i. e.: bonus score calculator, lottery odds and probability calculator etc…).

I hope you will find this online casino guide (and the other guides on this blog) useful!

Thank you for visiting Simon’s Gambling and Online Casino Blog.



/- all the guides are constantly updated and improved, but if you don’t like something, you noticed a “bug” or you have questions, please let me know in the comments below


Basics facts you need to know about the online casino gambling world


The following are basic truths about the online gambling world everyone planning to play at an online casino should know:


  • casino bonuses are not necessarily good for you (check the casino bonuses part of the guide for a detailed explanation)
  • yes, you can indeed make money gambling online, contrary to popular belief (check the “How to make money at an online casino” section of the guide)
  • the overwhelming majority of casino review sites are fake (casino reviewers never actually play in any of the online casino they “review”)
  • US players are barred from the best online casinos (US players are not allowed to play in Microgaming online casinos, Microgaming is the best casino software, more about this at the “Best online casinos” section)
  • sadly every online casino spams (whether it is email spam – or comment spam on my blog… -, or “casino bonus pushing” all online casinos could learn a thing-or-two about ethical marketing, luckily by taking a few simple steps you can easily protect yourself from casino spam, more about this at the “How to protect yourself from scams & spam” section)



Types of online casinos


If you are thinking about playing in an online casino you must know the main types of online casinos and the differences between them. Online gambling is a great way to have fun (or to make money, if you are using advantage gambling methods).

But if you don’t choose the right online casino it can also be a very expensive disappointment!


Bitcoin casinos

Bitcoin casinos are not just online casinos accepting bitcoins (exclusively, or in addition to regular currencies) but bitcoin casinos are really creative and innovative.
There are even “bitcoin slug races” online, where you bet on “slug races” – live on webcam – using bitcoin. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.
There are many other unbelievable forms of gambling/betting made possible by bitcoin casinos.


However, there is a downside.


Bitcoin gambling is unregulated and as much as 80-90% of new bitcoin gambling websites go under in a year. Also there are a lot of scammers ( the now defunct for example, just Google the name of the company).


More info about bitcoin casinos and bitcoin gambling here.


Live dealer casinos

Live dealer online casinos (Live casinos for short) are simply online casinos, which offer everything “regular” online casinos offer. But in addition to offering regular casino games they also offer the opportunity to play with live dealers online (live Baccarat, live Roulette, Live Blackjack mostly).


Live dealers can be very expensive and only the biggest and most successful casinos can afford them.

If an online casino offers live dealers, then it’s a sure sign, that it is one of the best online casinos.


More about live casinos here.


Regular online casinos


Regular online casinos offer the same casino games as live dealer casinos, except they don’t offer live dealers.

There is absolutely no reason to choose a smaller online casino (usually smaller online casinos can not afford live dealers) without live dealers, when you can choose a live dealer casino.


If given the choice go with live dealer casinos.

Online poker rooms

They are very good, but you can only play Poker in an online Poker room. Poker is actually the only casino game, where there is no house edge.

Online Bingo halls

Bingo is gaining popularity online among women 30-45. Online Bingo and gambling websites dedicated solely to Bingo are everywhere.


Single serving specialty sites


Example: a website focusing only on scratchcards.
They sound good at first until you realize, that online casinos offer the same games and much more.

The truth is, that there is no point in playing in a single-serving specialty gambling site. They offer no advantage over online casinos and offer less games and less payment methods.



What makes an online casino unique, better than the rest


Online casinos are actually quite similar. Apart from the design differences of the casino websites, and the differently themed bonuses, online casinos by and large offer the same set of games.

Instead of choosing an online casino by the design, the theme, the bonuses offered.

You should look at what kind of online casino software the casino is using. That makes the most difference.


The 5 main online casino software are:

  • Microgaming
  • Rival
  • Cryptologic
  • Playtech
  • RTG (Real Time Gaming)


Out of the 5 main casino software mentioned – I have tested all of main casino software –  Microgaming is BY FAR the best casino software.

In short, Microgaming casinos offer:

  • the most number of games (500+)
  • the best games (award winning video slots, widely recognized leader of innovation)
  • the best graphics
  • the safest gameplay (eCogra certified)

For a more detailed explanation and for collection of the best Microgaming casinos (with live dealers!) click here: Microgaming casinos


However, Microgaming casinos do not accept US players.



Therefore the best online casinos are not available for US players. I have collected the best online casinos for US players at a separate page.
These online casinos use a wide-variety of  lesser-known casino software.

For more info about US online casinos click here: US online casino


These are the most important factors to consider, when choosing an online casino (IMO).


Number of games


The number of games is dependent solely on the casino software the online casino is using. Microgaming casinos have the most number of games (500+ and growing).

Simply because Microgaming is longest continually developed casino software (in continuous development for 20+ years).

Live dealers


For a detailed explanation of what live casinos are and why they are a better choice, please check out the “Types of online casinos” section below.


US players


US players are sadly barred from the best online casinos, Whenever you register at an online casino make sure your country is accepted and you are eligible for withdrawal.

For more info and country-specific online casino information go here: Best online casino


Online casino software

The single most important factor, when choosing an online casino.



Casino bonuses need to know


Casino bonuses enable you to play with more money and longer. However, casino bonuses have strict playthrough requirements and wagering limitations.

In short, casino bonuses:


  • playthrough and wagering requirements won’t enable you withdraw your winnings when you want it
  • but they will also enable you to play longer and with more money

Using casino bonuses (any type of casino bonuses) is a personal decision. Some players prefer it, some don’t.

For a detailed explanation (with examples and calculations) and for the best exclusive casino bonus codes and internet’s only casino bonus score calculator (you can check and calculate bonus score, playthrough, wagering and play-time with the help of the calculator) check here: Casino bonus guide



How to make money gambling in an online casino


Most people erroneously assume, that if you are gambling online, you are definitely going to lose long-term.

However, this is not true!

It is possible to make money gambling online. These techniques are called “advantage gambling methods” and there are quite a lot of them.


Of course, “all that glitters is not gold”.

Advantage gambling methods are:

  • hard to master
  • complex
  • require a lot of practice
  • are not for everyone
  • takes the fun out of online gambling and it turns it into something more like a job
  • it’s nothing like Hollywood movies!


After all, if making money gambling online would be so easy, everyone would be doing it.

More about advantage gambling methods and making money gambling online can be found here.



Free online casino games


If you have read the part above about making money gambling at an online casino and you have checked out my advantage gambling guide, then you might be interested in my free casino.

The free casino games section of my blog is titled “Simon’s Free Online Casino” and you will find everything you need to start practicing:

  • without risking any money
  • no need for registration
  • no deposit required
  • no need to download anything, you can play from your browser instantly



Free casino games

If you are just looking for a place to play free casino games online and you are not interested in becoming a professional online casino gambler, that’s fine too.

You will find a variety of free casino games at free casino section.

Just click on the drop-down menus below.

Play Slots

Check out the latest superhero slots from Microgaming and the latest video slots based on block-bluster movies.

/Slots also go by the name of “fruit machines” – UK and “pokies” -Australia, it’s the same thing./

Video slots offer an unparalleled gaming experience and there are many types of interactive video lots you can try here.

Free slots /java required/


Play Roulette

Try out Roulette with zero risk.

Free Roulette /java required/


Play Blackjack

Classic Blackjack is more what you are looking for?  Play Blackjack here.

Free Blackjack /java required/


Play Video Poker

Master video poker without risking your money. No need need to download anything, you can play video poker from your browser.

Free video poker


Play Keno


Play free Keno at Simon’s free casino.

Free Keno


Play Scratch Cards

Play free scratch cards at this free casino.

Free scratch cards

Play Bingo


Play free bingo at this free casino.

Free bingo


Play Pachinko

If you don’t know what Pachinko is, don’t worry, the webpage will explain it all.

Play Pachinko /java required/



How to protect yourself from online casino spam and scams


It is actually very easy to protect yourself from casino spam and the various scams out there.


Here is how:


If you are new and just registered at an online casino, make sure you follow these simple steps to maximize the enjoyment of online gambling and minimize casino spam:

Steps to take every-time you start playing at a new casino


Make sure the online casino you have chosen is not one of the “rouge casinos“. You can easily check this at the casino blacklist on this site.


Do not trust casino review sites. The overwhelming majority of the reviews are fake (it’s not the casinos fault, it’s not the casinos who rig the reviews, it’s the bloggers themselves).

If you are into bitcoin gambling, the same is true.
Bitcoin gambling blogs and bitcoin casino review sites are just as bad, avoid them and their fake reviews.




Best online casinos


I already mentioned at the “What makes an online casino unique” , that Microgaming casinos with live dealers are the best. See that section for a detailed explanation.

For a detailed explanation of what makes an online casino the best in it’s category.
And for a list of the best online casinos by country and type, please go here:

Best online casinos



Gamble responsibly, see you at the tables!

Last updated: 2014 July 17


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