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I’m Simon (the man behind Simon’s blogs).  Simon’s legal highs is dedicated to documenting and collecting the best legal highs available.

This is the main page.


First of all.
What are legal highs?

Legal highs definition: “legal highs” is an umbrella term, which encompasses all the different chemicals, plants, techniques (e.g.: sleep deprivation), mixtures which are legal to use in most countries and will get you “high” (high = altered state of mind).

The best-known legal highs are probably alcohol and tobacco.

But there are many-many more!

Check out my list of the best legal highs, where all the best legal highs are collected and categorized (It is not a list of ALL legal highs and does not intend to be one. I collect only the BEST legal highs, which are known to work).


Legal high news:
/This is a regularly updated news section with news about legal highs and about the site

-Update 2014 July: Bouncing Bear Botanicals stopped accepting credit cards, I’m updating the website. It will take some to update every page

-Update 2014 July:  Trusted and safe US legal high vendors stopped selling Salvia (the other vendors are blacklisted, I do not recommend buying from any of them: legal high shop blacklist). The only way to get Salvia safely if you are in the USA is to order from here:

The #1 destination for Kratom and Salvia online! US vendors do not sell Salvia (and many of them do not sell Kratom as well) anymore but you can safely order from here.

-Update 2014 July: Bouncing Bear Botanicals and many other legal high shops stopped selling Kratom. Looking for alternatives. Will be test ordering from a few US Kratom vendors and will see how it goes.

-Update 2014 June: Kratom is now illegal in Tenesse! Not all legal high shops are aware of this tough and many still ship to Tenesse. Be careful when ordering Kratom online, because you can get into a lot of trouble if you order kratom from Tenesse.

Legal status updated at the Kratom page.

-Update 2014 June: turned out to be unreliable and was removed from the site and was added to the legal high shop blacklist. Many who ordered from Gold of Sunshine (US Kratom & Salvia shop) have complained of the quality of the products, complained of the lack of customer service. Some received their order much later than expected or never received it at all.

For details:  Legal High Shop Blacklist

Guides, polls, quizzes


You can find the following guides, polls, quizzes on the blog.


Simon’s definitive list of the best legal highs that work:
The legal highs included in this list are:

  • working legal highs
  • the best legal highs
  • cheaper than research chemicals
  • legal in most countries


The effects of the legal highs on the list are much better understood, than research chemicals and they are generally safer (if used responsibly) than research chemicals.

/Disclaimer: Safer does not mean safe. There is an inherent risk in using any legal high and many legal highs on the list can actually kill you if you overdose. Be careful and read my blog post about safe and responsible legal high use. /


Legal high poll: To the best of my knowledge studies have never been conducted to determine, which legal highs are the most popular.  It’s all hearsay.

And this is why I have created this poll, to answer the question once and for all: “Which legal highs are the most popular?”
- as voted anonymously by visitors like you.

Voting is anonymous and no information is stored about the voters. Don’t forget to vote for your favorite legal high!

Simon’s Legal Highs discount wall
: This is where you can find all the best legal high discounts, promotions, bonus codes and coupons.

Updated regularly. The internet’s only legal high discount aggregator.


Simon’s Legal High Shop Blacklist: Sadly there are a lot of websites out there (especially US  Salvia & Kratom shops), which mistreat, steal from, and scam their customers.
I have collected these online stores to make sure you don’t fall victim to any of them.

If you have a few minutes to spare please read my blog post about responsible and safe legal drugs use. If you are planning to use any of the legal drugs on the blog you definitely need to read it.


Simon’s herbal incense guide:  Many people are looking for “legal marijuana alternatives” and are being sold overpriced, dangerous herbal incense products full of research chemicals.

This guide is intended to change this by showing people how to create research chemical-free, safer, smoke-able herbal incense at home, that will get you high for a fraction of the cost of brand-name herbal incense.

/Disclaimer: Truth is, that there are no marijuana alternatives. Nothing is exactly like marijuana. The high is different but similar to weed./


Most popular legal highs:

The most popular legal highs (as voted by visitors like you) have their separate webpages. The rest can be found at the legal highs list.




K2, Spice – A blog post about K2 and Spice, their history and their effects and legal status . Don’t forget you can not buy K2 and Spice anymore. Stores, which claim to sell K2 or Spice are lying and are trying to scam you.

Why do many legal high shops don’t accept credit cards - This blog post explains why many legal high shops do not accept credit cards.

How to use Legal Drugs safely and responsibly


Legal disclaimer: We are not advocating anything illegal.  Do not buy anything that’s illegal in your country!
We can not be held liable for your actions. All information presented on the website is for research and documentation purposes only.

/Disclaimer: The website contains affiliate links. If you click any of the links and make a purchase at the store I receive a small amount of your purchase.

This DOES NOT make your purchase more expensive. It won’t effect the price at all.

This income allows me to work more on the website, add to it  and improve on it.

I’m unemployed and beside the income from this website I have no other revenue source.
Thank you for your support!

Something fun: The only video online, which really causes hallucinations (visual)! In case you have never experienced hallucinations this can give you an idea.

Research chemicals


There is a lot of misinformation about research chemicals (bath salts, designer drug, herbal incense etc… it goes by many names) online and about why they are bad or why they are not bad.

Not to mention, the statistics, the numbers and percentages the mainstream media throws around are more often than not made up on-the-spot.

I get asked a lot of questions about research chemicals:

  • Why aren’t any research chemicals on the site?
  • What designer drug do you recommend?
  • Is  <insert research chemical’s name here> safe?
  • Is this < insert experimental research chemical here> legal in my country?


Let me answer all these questions here, once and for all.


There are no research chemicals on the site and there won’t be any!


I’m against research chemicals but not for the fake, made-up reasons the lying mainstream tabloid media (looking at you BBC….) bombards people worldwide everyday.

But for very real reasons.

And these are:

research chemicals are unpredictable: Research chemicals are made in (often off-license) laboratories in China. There is absolutely no quality control. Two packages of the same brand-name herbal incense can contain vastly different chemicals.

Not to mention various contaminants. Contaminants which might even kill you.

The effects are unpredictable and what will they be is anyone’s guess.

ingredients are never listed: First of all, you should never buy any legal high if you don’t know what’s in it.

Research chemicals come and go, as new ones are synthesized and older ones becoming illegal.

Brands often don’t rename/re-brand their products, they just simply change the ingredients and don’t tell anyone about it. They can easily do this because the ingredients are kept secret.

The problem with this is that you never know what you actually end up purchasing.

This can be quite dangerous. If something bad happens doctors won’t be able to help you, because they will not know what’s in your system and how to treat it.

designer drugs are overpriced: I’ve seen bags of herbal incense (11 grams) being sold online for $ 55+.
For that amount you can get 200 grams of Kratom in any of the shops listed on the website!
To say, that research chemicals are overpriced is an understatement.

research chemical vendors will rip you off:  Shops selling research chemicals know very well, that their customers are not likely to complain or go to the authorities if they are mistreated.

Buying research chemicals is a taboo subject and many research chemical vendors exploit this to the fullest.

There are a lot of scammers and fake shops!

/Actually, there might be more scams than legitimate businesses./

But don’t believe me.

Next time you visit an online shop selling bath salts, herbal incense etc…. just google:

“<online shop’s name> review” or “<online shop’s name> scam”

and see for yourself.

the high is not always pleasant: As matter of fact if you are unlucky it can be the worst experience of your life!

Some people have described the high as “hellish”, “living nightmare”, “worst experience of my life” , “experienced terror tremors”(terror tremors: involuntary convulsions coupled with heart palpitations, systemic shock, abnormal blood pressure and extreme paranoia, I know, I experienced it myself as well, it’s not good).


These are the reasons why I don’t deal with research chemicals and neither should you.



Last updated: 2014 July 13.

Stay safe, always!

Article Name
Research Chemicals need to know
Research chemical facts and essential information to help people make the right choice.

2 thoughts on “Simon’s Legal High Blog – no Research Chemicals”

  1. Research chemicals are dangerous. They should be used only in laboratory settings. Research chemicals have not been tested on humans yet, so they are not available to the public or even to regular doctors to prescribe (Yet you can buy them online legally, illegally, semi-illegally based on the chemical/country in question, or mixed into pre-packaged legal high products).

    A research chemical has to go through many different trials and experiments before it can be approved to be used on human subjects. Once the research chemicals have gone through human trials, then they will be considered for federal approval.

  2. Hi Simon,
    I live in the US, and although Marijuana is actually becoming legal fairly rapidly all around our country I live in a state where it is still illegal. I suffer from chronic joint and back pain due to a variety of sports injuries and a major auto accident in which I broke my back a few years ago. I can not, and will not acquiesce to the modern medicine method of popping a bunch of pills that may or may not help but bring with them many many adverse side effects. So far marijuana and even the fake or synthetic stuff has been the only tried and true method to help ease my pain. After reading about the research chemicals and their unknown side effects and ingredients I could not agree more. I decided after reading your blog (yes almost all 20 pages in one sitting) to go the all natural route as I have only been able to obtain the synthetic stuff for the last couple of years or so. I placed my first order this morning through both a UK and a US vendor. I tried the Brick Wall first as that seems like it would be the most potent mix. As soon as I receive and try these products I will give you my honest feedback. I am very excited to try these as I have felt the side effects of the “fake stuff” and agree that those are too big of risk to continue to use. Not to mention a huge expense. Thank you very much for putting together this information free of cliches and the normal stigmatizms that normally go with the legal high sites, and for cutting through the BS that those other sites try to push by saying that their products actually work, when I can tell you first hand, they don’t.
    More to come my new friend!
    Good luck and peace to all!
    -Chris in Annapolis

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